Casa do Chascada

Flavours of the ground

Casa do Chascada was a result of Ana Maria Moreira’s spirit of entrepreneurship. After becoming unemployed close to the age of 40, the producer and founder of the brand decided it was time to launch her own project.

After some training and participations in workshops, Ana decided that the production of Shiitake mushrooms would be her future. The entrepreneur outlined her plan and set up Casa do Chascada.

The house that gave its name to the brand was bought in 1832 by Ana's great-great-grandfather Albino José Moreira, who was nicknamed Chascado.

Belonging to the family ever since then, Casa do Chascada was, until the year 2000, a farmhouse.

It was in 2013/2014 that Ana Maria Moreira rolled up her sleeves and began creating the necessary conditions for the production of Shiitake mushrooms. Cattle sheds, for example, were adapted so as to meet all the necessary conditions.

Casa do Chascada Shiitake mushrooms are produced only with natural products. The production is done, step by step, entirely by Ana.

After realising the potential of the mushrooms, the producer began to look for new ways to market them. This was how the Shiitake mushrooms in olive oil and spices and with onion from Casa do Chascada were created. New flavours coming soon!

Production Process of Shiitake Mushrooms from Casa do Chascada

Directly from Nature to your table

1. Holes are evenly made in the tree trunks

2. Mycelium is placed in the holes

The holes are covered
with beeswax

4. The trunks are put into piles

The trunks are immersed in water
to generate a thermal shock

6. Shiitake mushrooms begin to grow

7. The mushrooms
are harvested